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Technical support

Request Submission

  • Choose any convenient way of contacting you
    Write to Email | Create Issue on GitHub
  • The title of the appeal must indicate the reason for the appeal
    Solution Name | Summary of problem / idea
  • In the text of the appeal clearly and in detail indicate all the information
    Description of the problem / idea | How to reproduce the error
  • Enter your contact details for feedback
    Email Address | Social Networks Profile | Messengers
  • If you’re ready to sponsor a solution to your problem, use priority support

Processing request

After considering your request, you will be sent a notification with the result of the verification.
The following data will be listed in the response text:
  • Priority
    Low | Medium | High | Critical
  • Version
    In which version do you plan to make changes
  • Date
    Estimated release date for the revised version

Priority support

As soon as possible

I am ready to help with solving your problem as soon as possible.

Free communication

I will consider your request in whatever form you describe the problem.

Individual approach

If necessary, I will create a separate version of the solution especially for you.
* Priority support is provided only on a paid basis
* Priority support requests are accepted by email.

Send request

Choose a category

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Support policy

  • Technical support requests are processed free of charge.
  • Ready-made solutions are supported free of charge, with the exception of priority support.
  • If you disagree with the decision or deadlines, you can use the priority support.
  • I have every right to refuse to provide any support.
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