Technical support

Request Submission

  • Choose any convenient way of contacting you
    Write to Email | Create Issue on GitHub
  • The title of the appeal must indicate the reason for the appeal
    Solution Name | Summary of problem / idea
  • In the text of the appeal clearly and in detail indicate all the information
    Description of the problem / idea | How to reproduce the error
  • Enter your contact details for feedback
    Email Address | Social Networks Profile | Messengers
  • If you’re ready to sponsor a solution to your problem, use priority support

Processing request

After considering your request, you will be sent a notification with the result of the verification.
The following data will be listed in the response text:
  • Priority
    Low | Medium | High | Critical
  • Version
    In which version do you plan to make changes
  • Date
    Estimated release date for the revised version

Priority support

As soon as possible

Our experts are ready to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Free communication

We will consider your request, in whatever form you describe the problem.

Individual approach

If necessary, we will create a separate version of the solution specifically for you.
* Priority support is provided only on a paid basis
* Priority support requests are accepted by email.

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Support policy

  • Technical support requests are processed free of charge.
  • Ready-made solutions are supported free of charge, with the exception of priority support.
  • If you disagree with the decision or deadlines, you can use the priority support.
  • The organization has the right to refuse to provide any support.
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