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SW JProjects

Digital projects manager for Joomla! CMS™
SW JProjects
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  • Current version: 1.7.0
  • Update date: 12 August 2023


Component provides the creation and operation of digital projects catalog and provides the ability of downloads.

What's new

Version: 1.7.0

Changelog URL

  • In Joomla 4, in the admin panel before updating, there is an opportunity to view the changes made in the new version of the extension. You can also see them in the list of the extension manager in System - Management - Extensions when you click on the extension version. However, this is only possible if the XML manifest of the extension specifies the changelog URL, which contains a specially generated XML file with a description of the changes. This function has been added to SW JProjects.

Added Changelog view button

  • Added a Changelog view button in XML format to the toolbar with buttons on the project editing page

WEBP image support

  • Added support for webp images for uploading. Tested on Joomla 4.

Change of developer

  • Since March 31, 2023, this component has been fully transferred for support and further development to Sergey Tolkachyov (WebTolk). In this version, an update server has been added, located on the site
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